About Us

Please feel free to look through our site. Our puppy owners became part of our family! If you love Dobermans or are just thinking about owning one, please visit our individual dog pages to view what your potential new family member has the capability to grow up to be. If I do not have any available puppies I am happy to refer you to another breeder. If you have specific questions about the breed or my dogs, I will try to help if I can. At Brauchbar we are constantly attending breeding and training seminars. As Doberman breeders we can never stop learning!

Dobermans are sometimes affected by some major health issues which can result in early death, some of which are DCM (Dilated Cardio Myopathy), CAH (liver disease), Wobblers (Spinal problem) to name a few. A normal lifespan is approximately 8 to 10 years of age. As breeders we do not have all the answers to rid the breed of some of these diseases. Each and every one of our adults is fully health tested. I breed for myself first and foremost. I want the longest lived, healthiest dogs I can produce

I do not endorse any puppy mills, or breeding of white or melanistic dobermans. White ( albino, cream,buttermilk,wheat or whatever the fad word of the day is) is not an allowed color in Dobermans, and in fact these dogs are true albinos. As such, they suffer from many health issues related to albinism. There are 4 accepted colors of Dobermans in Canada, those being: Black/rust, Red/rust, and the 2 dilution colours of Blue/rust, Fawn (aka Isabella)/rust. I have litters of Blacks and/or Reds. My preference is that of the two colors. As a dog groomer it broke my heart to see the dilute varieties struggling with coat issues. Not all dilutes have coat issue but a good quantity have dilute alopecia I would prefer not to produce dilutes for this reason, this doesn't stop me from enjoying the beauty of one though!